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Li'l Abner 1959 on DVD

Li'l Abner 1959 on DVD

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Li'l Abner on DVD

The 1959 film that is based on the hit Broadway musical! Darnation or Tarnation! You are in for a scoop and passel of fun as Al Capp's classic comic strip comes roaring to life in Lil Abner, a raucous film and musical that is based on the popular Broadway smash hit. The residents of the old down south hillbilly town of Dogpatch USA are a messin', fussin' and a fuedin' when their dearly beloved town is deemed the Most Useless Community in America. Dogpatch is specially chosen by the US government to serve as ground zero for a darned A bomb drop and test. Them there is fightin' words! The zany citizens rise to the ever lovin' challenge amidst happy and bouncy songs and superb rollicking dance numbers. This musical boasts a splendid cast featuring Stubby Kaye as Marryin' Sam and Julie Newmar as Stupefyin' Jones makes this bright and lively musical a heap and a hootin entertainment for all. Yee haw!

Lil Abner 1959 DVD is a steller old school musical that your entire family can enjoy again and again.
Lil Abner DVD 1959
boasts wonderful set designs, song and performances. Lil Abner DVD is a great old school Hollywood Musical. Lil Abner Musical DVD remains a wonderful old school Hollywood studio production. L'il Abner DVD is a fine musical and fun movie. The 1959 musical version of Lil Abner DVD is a wonderful blast from the Hollywood of yesteryear with elaborate sets and costumes. Lil Abner DVD is easily one of the best American movie musical adaptations from the 50s.

Lil Abner DVD is an excellent 50s big budget musical. This is a wonderful musical that is uniquely American.

Cast & Crew
Cast: Leslie Parrish, Peter Palmer, Stella Stevens, Howard St. John, Julie Newmar, Stubby Kaye
Director: Melvin Frank
Product Information
Length 1 hrs. 53 mins.
Production Year 1959
UPC Code 097360590845
Studio Paramount
Subtitles English
Video: Widescreen 1.85:1 Color (Anamorphic)
Audio: English Dolby Digital Mono

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