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A Mom For Christmas 1990 on DVD

A Mom For Christmas 1990 on DVD

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A Mom for Christmas 1990 on DVD

When 11-year-old Jessica receives a free wish, she gets what she asked for and more -- a mom for Christmas! A beautiful woman named Amy shows up at her door bringing life and laughter back into Jessica's family. The trouble is, Amy isn't real and can only stay until Christmas Eve. But now that Amy has brought new meaning to their lives, Jessica and her dad don't want to lose her.

Director: George Miller Writers: Gerald Di Pego, Barbara Dillon Starring: Olivia Newton-John, Juliet Sorci, Doug Sheehan, Carmen Argenziano, Aubrey Morris, Jim Piddock Producers: Barry Bernardi, Christopher DeFaria, Ric Rondell, Steve White

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