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Raggedy Ann & Andy The Great Santa Claus Caper 1978 DVD

Raggedy Ann & Andy The Great Santa Claus Caper 1978 DVD

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Raggedy Ann & Andy: The Great Santa Claus Caper 1978 on DVD

DVD Synopsis and information: In this Raggedy Ann and Andy Christmas treat an efficiency expert, Alexander Graham Wolf, has plans to take over Jolly Old Saint Nick's toy workshop. Comet overhears this and then asks Raggedy Ann & Andy and their dog Arthur to save the day. Alexander, the wolf, is using an ACME type machine to encase all the toys in blocks of a glass like a substance he calls Gloopstick. Chuck Jones animation fanatics and Christmas movie fans will want this classic in their collection. This will ensure that they will last forever. He then wants to charge the children for the Gloopstick cased toys and become wealthy beyond his imagination. This is a fun Christmas adventure for the kids and adults alike, not to be missed during the Holidays. The Chuck Jones signature animation is really fun, as are the characters.

This is a fun Christmas animated feature with lots of laughs and heart for the whole family. Raggedy Ann & Andy The Great Santa Claus Caper DVD is a classic Chuck Jones animated holiday feature.

Director: Chuck Jones Writer: Chuck Jones Stars: June Foray, Daws Butler and Stephen Rosenberg Runtime: 30 minutes

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