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The New Swiss Family Robinson 1998 on DVD

The New Swiss Family Robinson 1998 on DVD

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The New Swiss Family Robinson on DVD

Experience the adventure again. As Seen Originally On The Wonderful World Of Disney in 1998. Based on the original classic film, Jack, played by James Keach, and Anna Robinson, played by Jane Seymour, and their kids Shane, Todd and Elizabeth set out to sea from Singapore to Sydney Australia. But when evil pirates pillage their tiny boat, the family narrowly escape with their lives by swimming to a nearby tropical paradise. Saving what they can from there wrecked boat, the Robinsons set about building a new home on the lovely island. Together, they have to use their wits and skills along with some new animal friends to make it. Will they find a way off the island and return home again?

The New Swiss Family Robinson DVD is a terrific reboot of the Disney Classic.
The New Swiss Family Robinson DVD has a modern vibe and is terrific for family viewing. An excellent update/reboot to the original Disney classic.

Cast & Crew
Actors: Jane Seymour, David Carradine, James Keach, Jamie Renee Smith, Yumi Iwama, John Asher, Blake Bashoff
Writers: Stewart Raffill
Producers: Patricia T. Green, Diane Kirman
Directors: Stewart Raffill
Product Information
Video: Fullscreen, Standard 1.33:1 Color
Audio: ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Stereo
Studio: Eaton Entertainment
Production Year: 1998
Release Date: 9/26/2000
Length: 89 mins
Rating: PG
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