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Brink 1998 on DVD

Brink 1998 on DVD

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Brink 1998 on DVD

Andy "Brink" Brinker and his in-line skating crew--Peter, Jordy, and Gabriella--who call themselves "Soul-Skaters" (which means they skate for the fun of it, and not for the money), clash with a group of sponsored skaters, Team X-Bladz--led by Val--with whom they attend high school in southern California. When Brink discovers that his family is in financial trouble, he goes against his parents' and friends' wishes and joins Team X-Bladz. Will he be able to pull off this double life?

Director: Greg Beeman Writer: Jeff Schechter Stars: Erik von Detten, Sam Horrigan, Christina Vidal

Release date: August 29, 1998 (United States) Country of origin: United States Language: English

Region One. North American Format.

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