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Fatso 1980 on DVD

Fatso 1980 on DVD

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Fatso on DVD

Dom DeLuise gives a fascinating, poignant and occasionally sad comedic performance as Dominick DiNapoli in this all you can - not - eat movie. Anne Bancroft lends her talents to this sometimes sweet and often unforgiving tale of decadent food and the attempt of abstinence towards it. From chaining up the fridge to fighting with your brother for the key to the lock, you will laugh until you cry. If you are, have been or know a big person, this is a must own comedy. As overweight people know all to well, Dominick struggles continuously with what he should eat and what he wants to eat and how much. This is an absolute must own for fans of Dom DeLuise. Eating right can certainly be a fright! This Fatso movie DVD also features a very spiffy anamorphic widescreen transfer and looks terrific. The Balance between comedy and drama is so hard for most movies to achieve yet Fatso does so effortlessly under the direction of Anne Bancroft. Those with late night refrigerator trips are part of their lives must give this a watch. You will laugh and feel empathy. Fatso is also based in New York and has that great vibe. Fatso DVD 1980 captures Dom DeLuise at his finest in a rare comedic movie you won't soon forget.

Food never tasted so good and bitterly sweet. This is one that needs to be shared with family and friends. This is Dom DeLuise's finest overall acting performance, mixing comedy and drama perfectly. You will laugh one moment and cry the next. The interaction between DeLuise, Bancroft and the entire cast is magical and mesmerizing. Add in Dominick's semi supportive live in brother to his Chubby Checker pseudo support group, food, denial, desire and eating are all parts that make Fatso an irresistible dish that will have you back for thirds. One thing for sure is that Eat this and not that tale on a whole new meaning. This is a comedy where plus size people are invited but all are welcome! This absolutely deserves a spot on your movie comedy collection shelf post haste. After over 30 years Fatso 1980 is still a fan favorite and is entertaining to the end. DeLuise is terrific and has never been better. Fatso DVD is a terrific comedy and shows off some great acting chops from DeLuise, Bancroft and the rest of the cast.

Cast & Crew
Actors: Dom DeLuise, Estelle Reiner, Anne Bancroft, Candice Azzara, Ron Carey
Writers: Anne Bancroft
Producers: Stuart Cornfeld
Directors: Anne Bancroft
Product Information
Video: Widescreen 1.85:1 Color (Anamorphic)
Audio: ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Mono [CC]
Studio: Starz / Anchor Bay
Production Year: 1980
Release Date: 6/13/2006
Length: 93 mins
Rating: PG

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