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This House Possessed 1981 on DVD

This House Possessed 1981 on DVD

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This House Possessed (1981)

William Wiard

David Levinson

Parker Stevenson, Lisa Eilbacher, Joan Bennett

This made-for-TV Amityville Horror knock-off ranks among the more interesting titles from a spate of early-1980s haunted-house efforts. The title abode is the sumptuous new residence of recuperating neurotic rock star Gary Stralhorn (Parker Stevenson), who resides there with his young amnesiac nurse Sheila (Lisa Eilbacher). After a conversation with a mysterious woman (Joan Bennett), Sheila becomes increasingly convinced that she's lived in the house before. Soon, people around her begin falling victim to the malevolent spirit in the house, which seems to be protecting Sheila while guarding its own dark secret. The flamboyant death scenes -- quite graphic for television -- involve breathing mirrors that fire dagger-like shards, willful electrical cables, and a boiling hot swimming pool. Things are nicely wrapped up for the enthusiastically creepy climax, but fans of The Haunting won't be too surprised at the outcome.

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