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Motocrossed 2001 on DVD

Motocrossed 2001 on DVD

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Motocrossed 2001 on DVD

The wild and insane world of pro motocross racing takes a real unplanned turn in this high-speed made-for-Disney-TV film. Andrew Carson, played by Trevor O'Brien, is gearing himself up for the big motocross champion race that may land him a huge corporate sponsor. Andrew is sure that he will pull out a win, his father, played by Timothy Carhart, puts the family assets deep into this race. Andrew's twin sister Andrea, played by Alana Austin, is also a very skilled bike rider and helps Andrew train on the track, despite the fact that their father would much prefer seeing Andre involved in cheerleading. Disney hit another home run with this made-for-TV classic about motocross and family.

When Andrew injures his leg racing against his sister Andrea, she ends up blaming herself and swears to make things right. Even if that means disguising herself as a teenage guy and entering into the big race, as none other than Andrew! However, this course has hidden obstacles that Andrea does not immediately foresee. The biggest is falling hard for a fellow racer and competitor. Her dad also soon discoveres the truth!

This teen motorcycle racing extravaganza also stars Scott Terra, from TV's 7TH HEAVEN, and Mary Margaret Humes, from TV's DAWSON'S CREEK. Motocrossed will surely drive you all the way to the edge of your couch for a finish of a lifetime. Motocrossed 2001 DVD is a movie you can always watch and enjoy with the kids and teens alike. Motocrossed is an enjoyable family film, own it today! Motocrossed movie DVD is both exciting and entertaining. Alana Austin is absolutely wonderful in Motocrossed DVD.

Motocrossed DVD is a super teen girl power movie with heart and determination at its core. Alana Austin gives a fresh and fun performance in Motocrossed DVD. Motocrossed DVD is easily one of Disney's best family TV movies in the past 20 years. Motocrossed DVD offers great action and a fun story that is family friendly. Motocrossed DVD is absolutely action packed and full off twists and turns both on and off the motor cycle track. Motocrossed DVD is a cool Disney teen movie that is fun and kid friendly. Own of the all time favorite late 90s Disney teen TV movies.

Motocrossed Cast & Crew Information: Alana Austin, Trever O'Brien, Riley Smith, Mary-Margaret Humes, Timothy Carhart Directors: Steve Boyum Writers: Douglas Sloan, Ann Knapp Producers: Douglas Sloan, George W. Perkins, John W. Hyde Format: Closed-captioned, Color, NTSC Language: English Rated: NR (Not Rated) Studio: Disney Video Run Time: 110 minutes

Region One. North American Format.

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