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Peter Pan 1960 Mary Martin on DVD

Peter Pan 1960 Mary Martin on DVD

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Peter Pan DVD 1960 on DVD

Mary Martin TV Musical

The Original Family Musical Classic
This is the Original Mary Martin TV color broadcast musical version of Peter Pan that aired on NBC December 8, 1960. Mary Martin had an accomplished career on Broadway and in films but her role as Peter Pan was immortalized in this performance and was her best known work. The songs, sets, costumes, energy and performances in this broadcast are all top notch. This is a very whimsical musical filled with fun and great characters. If you recall the wonderful musicals that used to play on TV back in the 60s and 70s then this must be a part of your collection. This version ranks with the Cinderella with Lesley Ann Warren of 1965 in all around quality and is beloved by all Peter Pan Musical fans. No doubt Peter Pan with Mary Martin is one of the most treasured of all musical performances. Peter Pan Mary Martin DVD will warm your heart.

Few musicals hold up so well over time. Martin's voice is also stellar in this movie. Peter Pan DVD Mary Martin continues to entertain to this day. Peter Pan Mary Martin DVD is a great rendition of the Broadway musical and is considered by many as the best musical version of Peter Pan 1960 DVD. The characters and performances throughout are brilliant. This is an absolute must own for Peter Pan Mary Martin DVD for sale, musical and Peter Pan 1960 DVD fans. The Peter Pan musical version with Mary Martin that aired in 1960 continues to be the fan favorite version of Peter Pan Mary Martin DVD and to this day is highly sough after on DVD.

Peter Pan 1960 DVD shows off a terrific old school made for TV musical adapted from the Broadway musical. Peter Pan Mary Martin DVD is a terrific musical made for TV production that still holds up today. A real and true treasure for musical and dance fans. Mary is so wonderfully effortless in this performance, it's simply amazing. They just don't make Made For TV Musicals like this anymore. Peter Pan Mary Martin DVD is a great example of a well done Made For TV Musical production. Peter Pan has never dreamed or soared so high as with this made for TV musical production! Mary Martin gives a new meaning of grace and stage presence in this production of Peter Pan 1960 DVD Mary Martin DVD. Each scene is filled with energy and spark. Martin is great in every scene. You'll want to enjoy this movie again and again.

The Mary Martin version of Peter Pan is one of the best made for TV musicals ever produced. A fantastic home video release for this TV musical. This is a great and fun story to go along with excellent music and dance. Mary Martin is so graceful and acrobatic on the elastic wires that she appears to really be flying. Fans of musicals and Peter Pan should rejoice in this performance. Wonderful family viewing for everyone. The songs and sets are really fun. Martin signs, dances and has so much fun portraying Peter Pan DVD. Mary Martin Peter Pan DVD was made for this role. Peter Pan Mary Martin DVD is a wonderful TV musical filled with singing dance and fantasy fun for the whole family. Peter Pan 1960 DVD has Mary Martin at her absolute best and never been better! For a musical telecast this was way ahead of its time. Peter Pan Mary Martin DVD remains a fun and immortal musical. Peter Pan Mary Martin TV version still delights audiences today.

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Cast & Crew
Actors:, Mary Martin, Cyril Ritchard, Maureen Bailey, Margalo Gillmore, Sondra Lee
Writers: Sir James M. Barrie
Producers: Vincent Donehue
Directors: Vincent Donehue
Product Information
Video: Standard 1.33:1 Color Fullscreen
Audio: ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Stereo
Studio: Gaiam Americas
Production Year: 1960
Release Date: 10/19/1999
Runtime: 101 mins
Rating: NR
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