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The Road Back 1937 on DVD

The Road Back 1937 on DVD

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The Road Back 1937 on DVD

A handful of German soldiers readjust to civilian life in the bitter wake of World War I in this follow-up to the classic 'All Quiet On The Western Front', which, like the first film, was based on a novel by Erich Maria Remarque. After the signing of the armistice, Captain Von Hagen (John Emery) dismisses what is left of his troops, who march home to an uncertain future. Combining a strong anti-war message with prescient warnings about the dangers of the rising Nazi regime, 'The Road Back' was intended to be a powerful and controversial picture, and Universal entrusted it to their finest director, James Whale. However, by the time shooting was completed, new management had taken over the studio, and Nazi officials began applying pressure to Universal (as well as members of the film's cast) to delete the material critical of the Nazis, threatening to scuttle European distribution of future Universal product if their demands were not met. Universal bowed to their wishes, and the film was partially reshot with another director.

Cast: John 'Dusty' King, Richard Cromwell, Slim Summerville, Andy Devine, Barbara
Read, Louise Fazenda, Noah Beery Jr.

Print: black/white
Runtime: 97 min.
Genre: drama
Print Quality: B

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